Why Businesses Partner With Us

Why Businesses Partner With Us

We have the flexibility to provide highly customized investment structures to meet the needs of our portfolio companies. Our primary objective is to create a capital structure that achieves the goals of the stakeholders of our portfolio companies and best aligns the interest of all stakeholders in both good economies and more challenging markets.

As a publicly traded investment firm, we have permanent capital and are not limited by the requirements of most institutional funds. This allows us the flexibility to be a long-term to permanent partner, without being pressured with the arbitrary investment horizons or scheduled exit strategy imposed by traditional investment funds.

Business owners and management teams seek our capital for many different reasons. Our flexibility allows us to customize our solutions based on the needs of the company and its owners. Some common reasons business owners seek our capital include the following:

Corporate Carveouts

Whether privately held or publicly traded, a divesture of a non-core operating division can be a win/win for companies with high-performing divisions that are no longer a core focus of the parent company. The management teams of these carveouts can gain the opportunity for significant participation in the new standalone entity, while the existing parent company owner can free up valuable capital for other corporate initiatives by making sure they get the needed financial resources they may not be receiving as a division of a larger organization. With a corporate carveout, Main Street can form standalone entities and position the management teams of these divisions for success. Read our corporate carveout case studies GRT and Gamber Johnson.


Business owners regularly face difficult decisions attempting to achieve both their personal and professional financial goals. A recapitalization can help business owners achieve significant liquidity while maintaining both operational and ownership control. Learn more about our minority recapitalizations here Minority Recapitalization.

Expansion and Growth Capital

For companies looking to pursue new opportunities through expansion and growth initiatives, having access to capital is key. Main Street provides the strategic advice and the capital necessary to enable management teams and business owners to execute on opportunistic expansion and growth strategies. Read how our flexible capital structure, strategic advice and assistance have benefited SI East.

Family Estate Planning

Planning for the future can be overwhelming, and for business owners with a disproportionate amount of their personal wealth tied up in their business, it can be even more complicated. Main Street can help business owners develop strategies to diversify wealth, while maintaining operational control of their company and positioning the next generation for success. Read about how the owners of J&J diversified wealth while planning for the future.

Strategic Acquisitions

For companies poised for growth through acquisitions, having the right capital partner is important. Main Street has the flexibility to customize investment structures based on the needs of the business. In addition to providing flexible capital solutions, Main Street can provide an institutional view and technical assistance through the acquisition process, while the business owner or management team executes on the integration plan and operational duties. Read about Gamber Johnson’s and Hawk Ridge’s experience with growth through strategic acquisitions. 


Management buyouts are unique opportunities that give existing teams the ability to gain or increase their equity ownership stake in the company through a change of control transaction. Main Street regularly backs management teams to purchase companies from their current owners. Those management teams participate in the company’s future equity through their ownership interests. Learn more about our management buyout portfolio companies: Chamberlin

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