Main Street Capital Corporation

Corporate Social Responsibility

In recognition of the importance of considering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) factors in its operating and investment activities, Main Street has adopted a CSR Strategy and an ESG Commitment for the conduct of its business.


Click the links below to view how our portfolio companies are addressing CSR.

Corporate Social ResponsibilityMain Street Capital Corporation (MAIN)

Charitable Organizations Receiving Our Ongoing Support

Main Street is a dedicated proponent of supporting local charitable and non-profit organizations. Main Street solicits feedback from its employees annually to determine which charitable organizations Main Street’s employees would like to support. Once selected, Main Street supports these charities with both monetary donations and support and the support of our people’s time and talents through special "Main Street team projects" and the utilization of our Volunteer Time Off program.

Main Street Capital Corporation Scholarship Fund

At Main Street we value our employees and their families. Through our College Scholarship Fund, we have committed more than $700,000 to college scholarships and are committed to supporting this program in the future. Main Street is dedicated to giving back to our employees and the employees of our portfolio companies and we believe education will empower our country’s next generation of leaders.


Originally established in 2017, Main Street’s Scholarship Fund has awarded nearly $300,000 in scholarships to over 40 students. We have successfully increased the scope of the program each year, supporting students from a wide variety of our portfolio companies.


Through the scholarship fund, dependents of full-time employees of Main Street and full-time employees of Main Street’s select portfolio companies are eligible to apply for a college scholarship.

Please see below for selections from letters written to Main Street by recipients of our college scholarship:

"This scholarship will enable me to freely pursue my dream"
“Your generosity has inspired me to give back more to my community”
“This scholarship has endowed me with great determination”
"Thank you for helping me turn my dream into a reality"
"I am one step closer to my goal"
“My lifelong dream of getting a degree is much more realistic now”

Our Portfolio Gives Back

Through our platform, we are pleased that many of our portfolio companies proactively make meaningful contributions to their communities. Main Street supports and appreciates these efforts and links to select portfolio company investments and their corporate social involvement are available below: