Main Street Participates in Project Warm alongside Friends for Life

Stacked feline warm houses

In February 2022, Main Street volunteered at Friends for Life during the Project Warm Event to provide housing to felines that have never had contact with humans or contact with humans has diminished over time. Friends for Life ( is a no-kill animal shelter and rescue organization in Houston, TX that saves animals regardless of their breed, age, or condition. Since 2012, Friends for Life has built and distributed #ProjectWARM shelters made from specially modified Rubbermaid tubs lined with foam and hay for insulation to help cats withstand the elements. This project is designed not only to aid feral cats in the winter by providing warm housing but to promote the humane treatment of all animals.

Main Street employees spent their morning volunteering at the Friends for Life facility. The team worked outdoors in an assembly line and built 35 warm houses for the feral cats in our community. In addition, Main Street employees coordinated a drive within the company to collect essential items needed by the organization. The team came together and was able to provide several items to help the shelter including, dog food, cat food, treats and training pads. Additionally, Main Street collected over $3,100 in monetary contributions from its employees to donate to Friends For Life, alongside the collected items. 

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