Main Street Participates in Project Warm alongside Friends for Life

Main Street team at Friends for LifeIn August 2019, Main Street volunteered at Friends for Life during the Project Warm Event. Friends for Life( is a no-kill animal shelter and rescue organization in Houston, TX that saves animals regardless of their breed, age, or condition. Each winter, Friends for Life builds and distributes #ProjectWARM shelters made from specially modified Rubbermaid tubs lined with foam and hay for insulation.

Over the summer, Main Street employees coordinated a drive within the company to collect insulation materials needed to make the durable and reusable houses.After collecting the needed materials, Main Street donated Items to Friends for Life in support of Project Warm and organized a volunteer event at Friends for Life. Five Main Street employees volunteered for two hours and were able to build approximately 15 warm houses to keep animals safe during the winter months. In addition, Main Street also made a financial contribution of $5,000 towards the Project Warm program.

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