Case Studies

Leveraged Buyout Case Study

The Business

Houston Plating & Coatings ("HPC") is an industry leading provider of electroless nickel plating and industrial coating services primarily for oil and gas industry equipment manufacturers, with an impressive list of customers and strategic relationships.
"Main Street helped me facilitate the buyout of HPC by providing a one-stop debt and equity financing solution. Since the original transaction, they've helped us achieve tremendous growth by providing capital and valuable insight and resources to help us make the right strategic decisions." William Howard CEO & Chairman, HPC

The Transaction

HPC’s primary owner and operator had reached retirement age and sought liquidity and an exit from the business. HPC was an established business with a strong management team, but the business was small and lacked the sophistication required to attract a traditional private equity acquirer. Main Street partnered with an individual investor to complete a buyout of HPC to facilitate the historical owner’s liquidity needs.

Main Street and its partner quickly determined that HPC represented a great investment with significant growth opportunities. Main Street provided all of the debt and a portion of the equity required to complete the buyout. After the initial transaction, Main Street provided and helped raise additional capital to fund various growth initiatives, and provided strategic insight and support. Since Main Street’s investment, HPC has grown significantly and provided substantial value to its investors and management team.

The Results

Before Main Street Partnership

  • No liquidity path for retiring owner with desire to exit business
  • Proven young management team in place but no financial capacity to complete buyout
  • Existing management team did not have equity incentive/participation or path to equity ownership
  • Single operating location with limited service offerings; customer requests for additional offerings and expanded geographic coverage

After Main Street Partnership

  • Owner obtains desired liquidity and completely exits business within 2 years
  • New owner/manager and Main Street complete buyout in conjunction with existing management
  • Management team has opportunity to invest in equity and significant equity incentives
  • HPC completes several major expansions including three new locations and multiple new service lines, providing significant growth and continued diversification

Transaction Summary


  • Critical service offering with proven niche market position
  • Diversified customer base
  • Strong management team
  • Significant growth opportunities

Transaction Type

  • Leveraged/managed buyout
  • Seller liquidity and retirement
  • One-stop financing

Investment Structure

  • Senior secured debt with warrants
  • ~40% equity ownership (common equity and warrants)